Optimize Medication Adherence through Innovative Packaging Solutions

Place brand-name and generic pharmaceutical products in consumer-friendly and compliant packaging with our pharmaceutical contract packaging solutions.

Choosing the right pharmaceutical packaging business partner is critical. As your pharmaceutical packaging partner, RxPak helps you:

  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Optimize production efficiency
  • Reach pharmacies and patients through multiple channels
  • Aid medication adherence with innovative compliance packaging

Supply chain advantage backed by the nation鈥檚 largest pharmaceutical distributor

Combining RxPak services with McKesson, the nation鈥檚 largest pharmaceutical distributor, gets your product into the supply chain as quickly as possible鈥攐ften on the same day it is packaged.

RxPak offers these pharmaceutical contract packaging services:

  • Expertise in consumer-friendly compliance packaging
  • Blister packaging for solid-dose pharmaceuticals
  • Compliance packaging formats to drive medication adherence
  • Turnkey primary and secondary packaging
  • Innovative pharma packaging and customized design capabilities
  • Proven technology in child-resistant and senior-friendly packaging
  • Support for new OTC product launches
  • Bubble packaging for medication
  • Custom solutions for your drug packaging needs

Blister-based compliance packaging, traditional bottling and heat seal carding

State-of-the-art blister packaging for solid-dose products
  • Three fully automated, high-speed blister packaging and cartoning lines
  • Cutting-edge, blister-based compliance packaging formats drive adherence to medications and include award-winning:
    • Burgopak鈩 (exclusive licensee for U.S. and Canada)
    • ShellPak庐 (all format sizes)
    • MedLock EZ鈩 (environmentally friendly compliance)

Bottle packaging

Four fully automated bottling lines offer performance and quick-change flexibility utilizing electronic filling technology.

Deep-draw thermoforming

Versatile custom packaging for large-format products such as vials, ampoules, syringes, and inhalers.

Other services

Kit assembly, physician sampling, heat seal carding, and various other secondary pharmaceutical packaging.

国家授权正规彩票 serialization

RxPak has strategically partnered with select vendors to reach full compliance with the signed into law in 2013. As of November 2016, our packaging suites offer full serialization aggregation and manual solutions for bottles, blisters, kits, and other packaging designs.


RxPak is located in an environmentally friendly and compliant facility designed for success. Our 150,000-square-foot pharma packaging facility in Memphis, Tennessee, has a state-of-the-art environmental monitoring system and eight automated machine lines built with Uhlmann and Cremer equipment. Fitted with climate-controlled packaging suits, the RxPak facility is:

  • FDA-registered
  • CGMP-compliant
  • DEA-licensed for class II-V controlled substances

Quality is RxPak鈥檚 top priority

Quality controls at RxPak include:

  • 100% online label verification
  • State-of-the-art Optel and VisioTec vision systems
  • McKesson鈥檚 Business Process Six Sigma group*
  • An electronic Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) system

Compliance packaging for pharmaceuticals

  • Products packaged by RxPak utilize child-resistant container closure systems in compliance with the .
  • RxPak has strategically partnered with select vendors to be fully compliant with the Drug Quality and Security Act signed into law in 2013. As of November 2016, our packaging suites offer full serialization aggregation and manual solutions for bottles, blisters, kits, and other packaging designs.
  • All our products are packaged with lot control tracking and specific packaging dating.

We are committed to high quality and efficiency鈥攜our reputation is safe with us. For more information about regulatory compliance, call us at (901) 255-8001.

*Six Sigma rigor optimizes efficiency and controls costs. Across McKesson鈥檚 nationwide distribution network, it has resulted in an order quality of 99.96% accuracy.

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