Medical Supplies for Health Systems Non-Acute Continuum

As more patient care moves to non-acute settings, your health system鈥檚 supply chain also needs to shift. Take control of your clinical and financial outcomes with our supplies and solutions for health systems.

Take control of your non-acute continuum

The non-acute continuum is complex. But it鈥檚 still possible to deliver better operational, clinical and financial outcomes for your health system鈥攁nd your patients. Let us help you cut through that complexity and bridge potential gaps with our expert distribution services and medical supplies for .

Take control with our in your health system鈥檚 non-acute continuum, from urgent care to your patient鈥檚 home.

Here鈥檚 what we can help your health system achieve:

Supply chain operations

that reduces operation expenses, eliminates waste and improves productivity across hundreds of locations and many care settings.

Financial performance

to drive down costs while focusing on service levels, quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Clinical infrastructure

designed to expand patient access and advance the quality of care.

Leading change

by aligning stakeholders, resources and planning processes to successfully execute initiatives.

A nationwide medical supply distribution network

99.8% order accuracy. 37 nationwide centers. A 98% fill rate. Get the right medical supplies for health systems, right on time.

Our national offers same-day delivery service to more than 95% of our customers. Our private delivery vehicle fleet and team of more than 900 delivery professionals make sure of that. We also offer a and can bill your patients鈥 insurance.

Improving financial performance for health systems

Strong financial performance doesn鈥檛 just mean driving down costs. Your health system also needs to focus on service levels, quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Improve outcomes for both your patients and your health system with our .

  • Keep costs in check with McKesson SpendManager鈩 and McKesson BudgetPlanner鈩.
  • Simplify your accounting process with .
  • Improve reporting accuracy with GL codes.
  • Quickly reorder medical supplies directly from the supply storage or at the point of care via .
  • Save time, reduce manual errors and track supply orders with McKesson Direct鈩. It integrates nearly 100 leading platforms.
  • Keep the right medical supplies in stock with . It鈥檚 a barcode-based solution for multi-vendor inventory management.
  • Bypass the manual intraocular lens (IOL) inventory process with .
  • Identify trends and opportunities with the dashboard.

Resources for a stronger clinical infrastructure

Providing the best care possible is your health system鈥檚 top priority. Improve your clinical infrastructure by building a system that reduces hospital readmissions and provides rapid-response laboratory services at the point of care.

McKesson Readmissions Resource鈩

Help reduce hospital readmissions by emphasizing continuity of care. For help with this, look to the . It offers valuable readmissions information in one place to help you make sure residents and patients continue healing while in your care.

Lab services and resources

Improve lab productivity, physician consultations, patient compliance and satisfaction with our point-of-care .

Service and support for every non-acute care setting

The right resources can help overcome organizational inertia in your health system. We鈥檙e here to help you drive systemic change.

  • Integrate new acquisitions more effectively
  • Improve your physician office lab鈥檚 profitability
  • Streamline your logistics with the help of our Six Sigma consultants
  • Let our strong account management team help improve your supply chain
  • Get help with our medical supplies and equipment for health systems

Compliance training solutions for health systems

Track your compliance training with , an affordable, easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS). MedTrainer gears each training to individual care settings within health systems, including:

  • Medical practices
  • Surgery centers
  • Laboratories
  • Clinics

MedTrainer includes modules for OSHA, HIPAA and accreditation. It covers safety plans, incident reporting, SDS management and more.

Medical supplies for health systems

With more than 45,000 products in our portfolio, is the only wholesale partner you need to help your health system grow and thrive. Our carefully selected and private-label let you offer patients better care and more flexibility.

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