Medically Integrated Dispensing Services for Specialty Practices

Administer self-administered specialty medications with McKesson's drug dispensing services for medical specialty groups including oncology and rheumatology practices.

McKesson can help you implement or optimize a pharmacy or dispensary in your practice that supports the high-quality, efficient delivery of self-administered therapies directly to your patients.

Medically integrated dispensing improves your patients' care experience

McKesson provides the tools you need to efficiently dispense oral and self-injectable medications at the point of care. It allows you to effectively purchase, dispense, and bill self-administered therapies to provide a seamless treatment experience for your patients.

Practices and patients both benefit from in-office drug dispensing:

  • Improve the patient experience and care delivery with expert clinical support, putting you in control of the treatment process
  • A new level of convenience for patients, providing them with medication dispensing from diagnosis through treatment orders, regardless of administration route
  • Capture all potential revenue in your practice with financial management tools that streamline workflow and give you more time to focus on patient care
  • Reduce the administrative burden with seamless integration of technology

The medically integrated dispensing program offers:

  • Superior clinical resources to support your entire specialty pharmacy program, including expert pharmacist and technician support, medication therapy management tools and therapy-specific patient treatment information
  • Revenue management tools to streamline pricing, reimbursement and billing workflow, including the capability to bill secondary co-payment or other funding sources鈥攁ll to reduce the financial burden for your patients
  • Industry-leading solution suite that integrates:
    • Pharmaserv鈩 pharmacy management system for prescription processing and claims adjudication
    • Enhanced capability to control drug costs and spending through
    • Onmark庐 Group Purchasing Organization membership, which includes access to beneficial pricing on more than 30 oral and self-administered specialty drugs
    • Large specialty product inventory to increase likelihood of availability
    • Single distribution solution for all drug-related products to ease the order process
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