Intrafusion Full-Service Infusion Management

Run an in-office infusion center without worry or headaches with Intrafusion full-service infusion management support.

We help you set-up and manage an efficient, profitable infusion center inside your practice

Our Intrafusion庐 team leads the way in outpatient infusion management services with deep expertise in Neurology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology and Immunology. We partner with practices like yours across the nation to deliver 25+ core specialty infusion therapies to more than 50,000 patients annually.

Take your patient care to the next level

Our hands-on support managing the daily infusion suite operations frees you up to care for your patients.

Our nursing and clinical excellence complements your patient care, delivering a seamless patient experience and assurance that your patients鈥 needs are always met.

Run a strong infusion center without worry or headaches

We work to maximize your infusion center鈥檚 efficiency and profitability.

We bring fresh ideas, best practices, and resources to help you navigate the challenges of running and growing your infusion center without incremental workload for your staff. And, you own your infusion center 100%, so you remain in complete control.

Everything you need to run an infusion center in your office

  • Infusion center opportunity analysis: Prior to engagement, we provide a comprehensive financial opportunity analysis for your specialty practice.
  • Qualified infusion staff recruitment & management: We employ only the most qualified and experienced infusion center staff and handle every aspect of management for all infusion therapy center employees.
  • Therapy pre-authorization & billing: We work with payers to authorize all drug and infusion services before treatment begins. Our centralized Reimbursement Team specializes in billing and collecting.
  • Transparent purchasing and real-time inventory control: We handle all infusion center purchasing and stay ahead of drug and reimbursement changes so you benefit from all rebates and discounts, with no mark-ups or hidden fees. Our real-time perpetual inventory control system prevents theft, loss, and waste.
  • Expert operational oversight and support: We ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations. We work with you to determine optimal infusion suite space and design, purchase all capital equipment required, and offer complete infusion suite IT software, networking and support.
  • Comprehensive financial management and reporting: We handle payroll, banking and account reconciliation and provide clear, comprehensive monthly and quarterly financial reporting.

The Intrafusion difference

  • Experience: No one knows infusion management better than us. With 20+ years in the business, we know what it takes to set up and run a successful specialty infusion center and we understand your specialty inside and out.
  • Transparency: From our initial financial analysis discussions to your monthly financial statements, we work with you to set appropriate expectations and remain an open book every step the way.
  • Commitment: Your dedication to your patients drives our commitment to you. We work tirelessly to be responsive, proactive and build a long-term relationship based on trust and results.
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